# Feature List TD Sync Feature List Other Providers Feature List
2 Multiple folder backup (Documents, Desktop, Pictures, etc.) YES NO
3 Managed file sharing for internal/external parties YES NO
4 Revised file backup YES NO
5 Granular user-access and security controls YES NO
6 Custom deleted file retention periods YES NO
7 Remote wipes of endpoints and mobile devices YES NO
8 Private encryption key management YES NO
9 448-bit Blowfish encryption on-device and in-transit YES NO
10 Universal file access; sync across stationary and mobile devices YES NO
11 Recover deleted and older version of files YES NO
12 Backup space per subscription YES YES
13 Ease of backup YES YES
14 Backup status marker YES YES
15 Recovery process YES YES
16 External Hard Drive backup YES YES
17 Mirror Image Backup YES YES
18 Customer Support YES YES
19 Workstation Backup YES YES
20 File Server Backup YES YES
21 Unlimited Computers, EHDs & NAS Devices per subscription YES YES
22 U.S.-based Customer Support available every day YES YES
23 Free Valet Install YES YES
24 Supports HIPAA Compliance YES YES
25 Courier Recovery YES YES
26 Anytime, anywhere Access with apps for both iOS and Android YES YES
27 Application Server Backup YES YES
28 U.S.-based Customer Support available 7 days a week YES YES
29 SQL Backup YES YES
30 Exchange Backup YES YES
31 SharePoint Backup YES YES
32 MySQL Backup YES YES
33 Oracle Backup YES YES
34 Hyper-V Backup YES YES