TD-SYNC is Ideal For

Medical Practices:

Secure File Transfer Service For Medical Practices
Ideal HIPAA compliant back-up solution to seamlessly store your medical record files and key practice management documents. File recovery features ensure you do not lose any data vital to your practice and patients.


Legal Practices:

Secure File Transfer Service For Legal Practices
Missing important legal documents of a client can be a big worry! Get instant back-up with TD-SYNC. Additionally, sharing any file with your client in a seamless manner can be a big plus for your business.



Secure File Transfer Service For Architects
Share vitals drawings and specifications with your team in remote locations with TD-SYNC instantly. Always have a copy of the latest version of your drawings at your finger tips anywhere you are!


Insurance Agencies:

Secure File Transfer Service For Insurance Agencies
Store vital client information using our HIPAA compliant sync solution. Ensure data is available across multiple offices to register clients quickly and settle claims faster. Improve your turn-around times and increase customer satisfaction.


Accounting Groups:

Secure File Transfer Service For Accounting Groups
Ensure your accounting files for clients are safe and sound in remote locations and protected against disasters. Simultaneously work on the same accounting sheets across offices and also on different PCs for increased collaboration.



Secure File Transfer Service For Manufacturing
Provide instant updates from the factory floor to the management on status and productivity using our TD-SYNC sharing solution. Ensure the latest SOPs and designs are with your ground team.